Children IQ Meal

Children IQ Meal

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Origin : Malaysia   Product PV : 26

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Nutritious for central nervous system and enhances alertness:
Specially formulated for growing kids. It is specially beneficial for those children, who are very particular in their food and have a hectic lifestyle with haphazard diet. Suitable for those who have lack of balanced diet problems such as lack of concentration mental slowness nervousness and forgetfulness. Contains many natural antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other concentrates, that help to nourish different nutrients in the body, enhances memory improves immunity and promote growth. It contains a brain tonic which has been prepared in Germany been clinically proven to be very beneficial for the IQ among children.
Soya bean powder, fructose, glucose, coarse rice, skims milk, soyabean, protein, lecithin, oat powder, vitamins, spirulina, plantain herb, sea seed powder, taurine, lactobacillus and others.
Take 1 sachet everyday with warm water. 20 g into 15 sachets.


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DICHO Homecare Brand
All Legend Hotels
TIENS Cosmetic Brand
TIENS International Business School
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Tai ji Sun Hospital
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