Anti Oxidant Plus

Anti Oxidant Plus
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Anti Oxidant Plus

Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals.

Q: Free Radicals ?
A: Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation.

What Free Radicals Do?

1) Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases
2) Free radical is hazardous in which it can destroy the function of the cell
3) Free radical also can destroy the DNA structure aging process and increase the cancer causing rate.
4) Medical research proven that free radical related to more than 100 types of illness
5) Arteriosclerosis, stroke (brain), heart attack, cataract, emphysema, diabetes, various cancer and aging problems

Free Radicals Comes?

Excess free radicals come from
a) Environmental pollutants
b) Radiation
c) Illness
d) Excess sun
e) Poor nutrition
f) Aging
g) Emotional stress

Scientific studies have shown that free radical plays a critical role in more than 60 health conditions including inflammation, arthritis, cancer, accidental or surgical trauma
Antioxidants are found in many foods
Dry nuts
Fish. ie
Grapes, (Gelatin)
Tomotoes (Lycopene)
Magnisium Steart

Main Ingredients

1) Gelatin
2) Lycopene
3) Crystilline
4) Magnisium Steart
5) Lutein

Antioxidants Work?

Antioxidants protect cell components and neutralizing ,stabilize free radicals and may prevent some of the damage free radicals to cell.
Antioxidants that occur naturally in the body or consumed through the diet may block most of the damage cell

Antioxidants Protect Against Disease?

Laboratory evidence that cell culture, and Human studies indicates that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent the development of cancer.
Antioxidants inhibit much of the pathology of cigarette smoke and cigarette-induced lung cancer.

Antioxidants, and the immune system
Antioxidant activated killer cells that are required effective defense against pathogens and improve Immune system

Antioxidants and brain dysfunction
A number of neurological pathologies, including brain ischemia, Parkinson's disease (PD), and a degenerative disorder of motor neurons
Antioxidant catalyst oxidation , forming reactions reduce neuron loss trauma plays an important role in neuronal injury and ischemia.

Cardiovascular System
Antioxidants can prevent LDL Cholesterol from building up into Artery blocking and prevent Heart diseases

Antioxidant, delays of aging process Excessive production of non-energy producing Free Radicals accelerates the Aging Process currently Free Radicals are the most popularly accepted theory for the underlying cause of the Aging Process.
Antioxidant protect the body's health and preserve its energy by eliminating free radicals
Antioxidants can retard the Aging Process

Antioxidants and cataracts
Cataracts have an oxidative etiology and that dietary antioxidants can prevent their formation in humans.
Antioxidants accumulate Eyes function and greater extent than in the body
Improve prostate and liver function
Antioxidant could improve the function of prostate and liver and at the same time provide Beautify the skin. Antioxidant could act as natural protection layer to protect the skin from the harmful effect of UV radiation, thus promote a healthier skin.

Suggested Dose

1Cap Twice /day Before Meal


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