Cardio System

Cardio System
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Used for general well-being.
It contains Saporin Ginostemma Pentafilumm.
Saporin Ginostemma Pentafilumm :
Since long time it has been widely used as a herb of longevity for life. It has been proven to be the man constituent of Ginostemma Pentafilumm. It inhibits the coagulation of platelets in blood. It protects blood vessels from hardening promotes better blood circulation and protects from heart disease. It provides spiritual peace. It can be continued for longer duration. Protects organs from oxidation and radical attacks and maintains normal conditions of cell. Minimizing the amount of lipid found with in the blood by regulating the production of oxidized fatty acid and blood vessels blockage in the brain and coronary arteries. Enhance blood supply to the coronary arteries and overcomes oxygen deficiency in heart. It is the most suitable product for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and patient suffering from other cardiac problems.
60 Capsules:
Each capsule contains: Folium Camella Sinenis Extract 300mg.
Take 2 capsules 3 times daily (After Meal). This is traditional medicine. If symptoms persist consult the doctor. Keep out of reach of children and keep in a cool dry place.


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