Essential System

Essential System
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Essential System

Traditional Chinese medicine believes the essence of life comes from the kidneys function , which are strengthened by a proper diet and recognized the essential energy behind life processes.
Origin of body's energy is derived from the kidney system, includes reproductive system, urinary system, and nerve-endocrine system

Function of Kidney
1) Excretion toxic elements from the body Urea,Uricacid
2) Constant Hydrogen ions body fluid
3) Control water balance in the body
4) Excrete Toxicity of Many medicines
5) Control Osmotic Pressure
6) Control Blood pressure

a) Chinese Yam Root Stimulate kidney function uncontrolled urination diabetic patients
b) Schisandra Fruit, nights sweeting ,urinary disorder,ejaculation,palpitation, insomia
c) Chinese Dodder Seeds , Urinary frequncy
d) Eucommia Bark strenght kidney function
e) Morinda Root inflamtion in kidney
f) Achyranthes Root Hypertensin ,blood in urine
g) Root Raw Rehmannia Kidney engy control
h) Vitamin C
i) Vitamin D
j) Selenium

1) Benefits both the Yin and Yang of the Kidneys energy to help decrease lower back pain, frequent urination, and supports the normal function of the immune system.
2) Nourishes Kidney to help support a healthy circulatory system
3) Support stamina, helps strengthen lower back, knees, and libido Indication
4) UTI
5) Renal Stone
6) Hydronephrosis
7) Nephrititis
8) Pyonephrosis (Pus)
9) Renal Failer
10) Dialysis
11) Prostitis
12) Cystitis
13) Hematuria
14) Urine retantion
15) Renal Cancer
16) Prostitis

2 cap/ twice a day with warm water empty stomach

Infant, Naurshing woman ,Pregnant Should not used this supplement


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