Feng Shou

Feng Shou

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Origin : CHINA   Product PV : 13

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Word Feng Shou taken from Chinese language which means “fertile harvest”. FENG Shou is a biological fertilizer with the latest formula of Tiens which has been shown to increase your yields exponentially.FENG Shou contains a variety of specific types of microbes that can help decipher the compound Phosphate (P), Potassium (K) and tie up nitrogen compounds (N), three elements that are essential for the growth of your plants.Type – the type of microbe FENG Shou is a superior choice with more advanced technology and in greater numbers than other fertilizer’s fertilizer, which gives optimum yields better for you.


1) Yield increased by more than 30%
2) Combined with NPK can save by 30 to 50%
3) Increase the resilience or resistance of plants to disease
4) Reduce the incidence of weeds in rice
5) Can be used to share the condition of the soil and plants for all types of media cropping land
6) Can break down the pesticide residues up to 0%.
7) Phosphate decomposes help produce growth-stimulating Hormone Plant Growth Changing the structure of the soil so that the flow of air in the soil to become more fluent, water absorption and helps maintain soil moisture
8) The roots of the plants will be more lush, healthy and long, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients from the surrounding environment
9) The size of the fruit, tubers, leaves and seeds are larger and heavier and last longer
10) Long-term use on a regular basis will repair the damage caused by land use excessive chemicals


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