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“Preferably Male, Loved Women."
Galaxs Tiens is Strong Traditional Herbal Medicinal Tiens. New Product of Tiens is tonic First Issued By Company Tiens. Galaxs Tiens contain Raw 100% Natural and Herbal. Tiens Producing High Quality Products. Tiens or Tianshi is One Of The Best Herbal Company World, Galaxs Tiens does not have any side effects and 100% Safe To Drink In fact Routinely. Already there are several brands tonic in Indonesian Market which has a kosher certification, BPOM and HERBAL. But tonic Tiens Products Galaxs may be tonic Herbal First in the WORLD are manufactured from a company that has a sales system that has been declared Sharia. With the Highest Quality and International Standards - Tiens Galaxs Strong Traditional Herbal for Men Adult.
Various Strong Medicine Herbal and Non-Herbal (Chemistry) In the market lead to many problems in the short term and long term. Tiens Galaxs not lead to any health problems.Does not lead to heart pounding and safe for patients with ulcer. Tonic Traditional Galaxs Tiens even help treat kidney, liver and helps the treatment and prevention of prostate problems.
Galaxs main function is to increase Stamina and Vitality Adult Men, giving Sexual function better, addressing issues of male virility and feel fresh.
After success with the program tonic in Chinese Traditional Tiens, Tiens Tianshi issued Herbal Medicinal Products The strength in Indonesia. Strong Medicine Herbal Products Tiens this Galaxs officially launched.
1 Strip Galaxs it consists of 4 capsules Galaxs. Galaxs capsules packed in blister packs.

Material / Composition Galaxs Tiens:

Each Capsule Contains Galaxs Tiens Extract:
Eurycoma longifolia Root. 0.75g
Pimpinella Alpines Root. 0.75g
Helicteres Isora Fructus. 0.45g
Zingiber Officinalis Rhizome. 0.45g
Piper Retrofractum Fructus. 0.60g

Eurycoma longifolia Root
Eurycoma longifolia Root better known as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi roots. Tongkat Ali membnatu to treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Increase Male Sexual Hormones, Increase Libido, Male Infertility, Perederan Helps Reduce Fat and Blood Over Current
Pimpinella Alpines Root
Product Koposisi tonic Galaxs Tiens second is Pimpinella Alpines Root. Pimpinella Alpines Root can Help Increase Stamina and Endurance Body. Increase Libido and Tetosteron and Men Sperm Quality and Quantity
Helicteres Isora Fructus Helicteres Isora Fructus Help meningatkan Stamina and Strength Men In Sexual Conduct.
Zingiber Officinalis Rhizome
Zingiber Officinalis better known Rhizome Extract Ginger / Ginger Extract. Ginger has long been used to help Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction (Erectile Disfunction), improve sperm quality, Strengthening Tonic for Men, Increase Sperm Quantity and Increase Sexual Arousal and Strength. Piper Retrofractum Fructus better known as chili (chili) Java. Famous and Proven Effective to warm the body and Smooth flow of blood throughout the body especially to Male Sexual Organs.

Galaxs Tiens very powerful and gives a terrible efficacy with only 1 capsule. But If You Already Got Accustomed Poisons and Toxins will take 2 capsules to provide a more stable results.Galaxs will provide benefits more solid if aided by drinking Supplements Multivitamins Nonitrend to clean the dirt from the body. Nonitrend than as a multivitamin and give morale and increase libido body. Cleaning Dirt from the body, cleaning the blood vessels, reducing blood fat levels, helping the treatment of diabetes, It has 3x more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C and increase immunity. Nonitrend increase testosterone hormone that also increase sexual appetite and night and also meningikatkan body strength. Nonitrend also reduces Pain and stiff stiff dibadan so that action and lack of sleep all night the next morning will be very bidantu to perform normal activities by using Nonitrend .

How to use Galaxs Tiens:

1 capsule 15-20 Minutes Before Dealing Husband and Wife.
For More Results SUPER Spectacular We Suggest To Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before Dealing. (In Some Testimonials Also There Complaint When Drinking 2 capsules Simultaneously That Penis Still Standing When wife and husband Already Dry Inconvenience to sleep because sleep wife already asleep and Penis still standing ... We suggest to Try with 1 Capsule Previously on Day One.)

>b>Side Effects of Galaxs Tiens

Tiens Galaxs Proven Not Have Side Effects Long Term Short Term Nor. Safe for Consumption / Drink Every Day Even.
The maximum recommended dose is 2 capsules / day.
2 capsules / day May Taken 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule Night or 2 capsules Simultaneously Even. Product Tiens Tiens Galaxs Natural Strong medicine is very safe to drink because it is made from 100% Raw Materials Herbal and Safe. Already Have BPOM and Manufactured by Herbal Company No. 1 in China.

Not Advised To Drink When Under 18+


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