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In modern society, the competition becomes more and more drastic and the psychological pressure turns higher and higher, the rhythm of life becomes faster and faster, and the pollution of living environment is increasingly serious. As the principal work force of family, the health of the reproductive system of man becomes more and more important.
In general, male diseases include impotence, prospermia, infertility, which is the general designation of the diseases of prostate and male reproductive organs. In real life, more than 20% of male adults have varying degrees of male diseases.
Due to the limit of traditional concept and the present medical treatment environment, many patients with male diseases don't see a doctor and feel shy to talk about their diseases. As a result, the treatment is delayed, they are misdiagnosed and mistreated, they had to receive the adverse results by themselves, and their health and welfare are seriously affected.
The October 28 of this year is the 5th "Health Day of all the males", and the subject is "paying close attention to male heath and improving life-quality". We hope the whole society looks on these diseases from the position of enhancing life quality, making family stable, and increasing welfare.
Therefore, correct knowledge about male diseases, standardizing and establishing male disease preventing and control system, and attaching importance to the health of male reproduction and procreation, are the key to make life better and perfect!
Main ingredients of the product
1) The purely natural pollution-free Southeast Asia tropical rain forest plant, palmetto is sued as the raw material. With high-tech method, the essence of the plant is extracted. It has the functions of antifatigue, refection, and increasing the metabolism of lipid.
2) Compound high-quality Atlantic male snowfish sperm polypeptides are the necessary living substance for the improvement of male functions with high activity.
3) Among the amino acid composition of Manka capsule, there are many of natural arginine components. Arginine is the only source of NO (nitrogen monoxide) in vivo. Therefore, the availability of arginine is important for the synthesis of NO, especially for the expression of nitric oxide synthesis. L-arginine can enhance the activity of nitrogen monoxide synthesis in the penis tissues, and increase the content of NO (nitrogen monoxide) and cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate).
4) Soybean polypeptides and a great variety of mineral elements.
Soybean polypeptides can activate sympathetic nerves, accelerate the metabolism of fat, enhance basal metabolism, increase energy, increase caloric supply, reduce subcutaneous fat, and enhance vitality.
The anti-fatigue and motor ability enhancement functions of soybean polypeptides have been confirmed by many experiments. They can help to reduce muscular fatigue, maintain the persistence and endurance of exercises and manual labor, and ensure that the body responds to and follows through on the demands of physiological activities.
5) Manka capsules also contain a great variety of mineral elements necessary for the growth of sperms, such as zinc, manganese etc.
Efficacy of the product:
TIENS Manka Capsules can supplement life power in a short time and make the users enjoy the nice life.
Target customers:
1) Males with poor body constitution and easy to catch cold
2) Males with low sexual functions
3) Persons with busy work and often feeling tired
4) Persons with high pressure of life and poor sleep
Edible method:
Take 2 capsules each time, twice a day.


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