Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance

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Metabolic Balance Capsules

Incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases in our country in the 21st country will be on the increase. Heart and vessels are the river of life in human body. Whether the riverbed is unobstructed has great influence on the health of human body. TIENS Group developed the Metabolic Balance Capsules formula was established scientifically based studies, with traditional Chinese theory as guidance, combining the theory of modern medicine


1) Radix salviae miltiorrhizae:
According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, radix can resist anoxia, increase blood flow, and inhibit the aggregation of platelets.
2) Fleece-flower root:
The a contained in fleece-flower root can stimulate e, inhibit the resumption of cholesterol, promote the metabolism of cholesterol, lower the total cholesterol level of serum
3) Hawthorn:
Hawthorn has strong fat lowering effects, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and increase the digestive enzymes in gastric juice


1) Lowering the lipid in blood and preventing atherosclerosis;
2) Improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
3) Lowering blood viscosity and inhibiting the platelets;
4) Improving microcirculation and maintaining normal blood pressure;
5) Antioxidant properties to prevent diseases


1) Hypertension patients
2) Patients cardiac problems
3) Persons taking long time high-fat and high-protein diet
4) Middle-aged and old people above 40 years old
5) Diabetic patients

Take 2 capsules each time with warm boiled water, 3 times a day.
1 month Cycle


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