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Natto Extract

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I. Relevant fundamental knowledge
(I) What is natto?
Natto is a kind of food made by Japanese with the method of wrapping up cooked soybean with straw and then fermenting them at the temperature of 40?.
(II) The nutrition of natto
Natto has a high nutritional value and is rich in various elements necessary for human body, which attributes to the rich nutritional content of soybean itself on one hand?as for the content of protein alone, 100g of natto is equivalent to 3 eggs or 80g of beef?on the other hand, it owes to natto bacteria; during the process of fermentation, various enzymes yielded by natto bacteria convert soy protein (difficult for human body to absorb) into peptide and various amino acids (easy for human body to absorb), and these enzymes also convert soy starch into glucose, thereby, the digesting rate of soybean can be increased from 50% to 90%, and therefore the nutrition of soy can be absorbed and utilized by human body to the utmost degree. That is the reason why taking natto can not lead to indigestion. In addition, natto is also a kind of nourishing food with high protein. The effective elements in natto can eliminate cholesterol and break down acidified lipid in human body so as to normalize the abnormal blood pressure.
Recent years, the nutrient content and medical function of natto have been attaching importance increasingly. In Japan, an “upsurge of natto” has been aroused, and there is even a slogan of “Saving the Earth with Natto”. Natto is compared to “Super Nourishing Food of the 21st Century” in European and American countries.
II. Main ingredients and efficacies
(I) Main ingredients

TIENS Natto Extract Capsules contains big amount of effective content such as nattokinase, natto bacteria, lecithin, linolic acid, saponin, isoflavone, superoxide dismutase, various vitamins, trypsinase, etc. which can purify blood directly, dredge blood vessel, dissolve thrombus effectively, eliminate impurities on vessel wall, relieve arteriosclerosis, adjust blood pressure and blood-fat, restrain cholesterol, prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
1. Natto extract (Nattokinase)
Nattokinase is a kind of ferment which is separated from natto. It is also a kind of special natto bacteria which participates in the reaction during the process of the fermentation of natto. Nattokinase can effectively prevent the thrombus from forming, dissolve the existing thrombus, and prevent arteriosclerosis and miocardial infarction. Compared with urokinase (the element in the traditional thrombus-dissolving medicine), nattokinase has similar mechanism but does not have any similar side-effect. Natto extract is the best healthcare food for modern people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
2. Powdery phospholipids
Powdery phospholipids is, namely, powdery lecithin, it’s the main element of epicyte in human body. Lecithin exists in all the cells of human organs, for in the important organs such as brain nervous system and liver, the number of lecithin is huge. Every 100ml of blood contains 200mg of lecithin. Generally speaking, the content of lecithin takes one percent of our weight. At present, the four worldwide-recognized functions of lecithin are as follows:
  1. Activating cells;
  2. dissolving cholesterol;
  3. enhancing brain function and preventing senile dementia;
  4. reacting with vitamin E in synergism action (maximizing the efficacy of vitamin E in human body).

3. Vitamin C
A. The important ingredient for the formation of collagen: vitamin C, protein and calcium together form collagen which is the important substance for the growth, recovery and strengthening of organic cells, muscles, blood vessels, teeth, bones.
B. Lessening the cholesterol and hypertension, preventing arteriosclerosis, inhibiting the formation of thrombus in vein;
C. Improving the function of cardiac muscle, reducing the brittleness of capillary vessel, enhancing the immunity of body;
D. Anti-free-radical, anti-cancer and prevention of scurvy;
E. Promoting wound-healing
4. Grape seed extract
Grape seed extract is extracted from red grape seed. Its main element is OPC (Oligomeric-Proantho Cyanidines). It can prevent and cure more than 70 kinds of diseases owning to its marvelous effect of free-radical-eliminating. The efficacy of grape seed extract in the aspect of circulatory system is as follows:
  •  meliorating vascular diseases effectively, repairing endarterium and preventing varicosity and phlebitis;
  • Reducing the blood volume of lower limb
  • Strengthening blood vessel and reducing subcutaneous hemorrhage;
  • Improving blood circulation;
  • Reducing apoplexy;
  • Lowering the content of cholesterol and-blood fat

5. Garlic extract
Garlic is rich in protein, fat, saccharide, amino acid, mineral substance and vitamin. There is 0.24g of vitamin B in every 100g of garlic. Garlic has remarkable healthcare function and medical value. The medical research indicates that with abundant bioactivator, garlic has the function of diminishing inflammation, eliminating toxin, lowering content of cholesterin, preventing and curing cerebral thrombosis as well as coronary disease.
6. Soy powderl
As the auxiliary materials for capsule-filling, soy powder is safe and nourishing, which is different from other compound auxiliary materials.
(II) Efficacy of the product
1. Preventing osteoporosis
Calcium is an indispensable substance of sclerotin. However, recent research indicates that the sclerotin cannot be formed by supplementing calcium merely. In fact, it is exists of vitamin K2 makes the formation of sclerotin, because it has adhesive function to integrate sclerotin with calcium. So we can get twice the result with half the effort by taking calcium-supplementing food together with natto capsule.
2. Preventing brain aging
There are many unsaturated fatty acids which can be oxidized easily on the cell epithelial tissues in human body. For instance, the unsaturation rate of fatty acids in the lecithin of human brain is 60% and harmful lipid peroxide will be yielded if those unsaturated fatty acids are oxidized. But under normal condition, the unsaturated fatty acids in human brain are not oxidized. Why? Because vitamin E can restrain the yielding of lipid peroxide, contrarily, the lack of vitamin E will promote the nerve cell to be aged, so it is necessary for middle-aged people to supplement vitamin E which is one of the important and indispensable ingredients to protect the brain from being aged.
TIENS Natto Extract Capsules is rich not only in vitamin E, but also in lecithin which is the source of neurotransmitter, namely, acetylcholine. So TIENS Natto Extract Capsules can defer the aging process of the brain so as to prevent the brain from functional degradation.
3. Dissolving the thrombus
In 1987, Professor Sumiyoukou from Miyasaki Medical University found that Nattokinase has the function of dissolving thrombus. According to the experiment findings: the thrombus-dissolving effect of 50g of fresh natto can match that of 800 thousand units of urokinase (current prevalent thrombus-dissolving enzyme). Actually, 300 thousand units of urokinase are enough for the need of serious patient in hospital.
4. Lowering the content of cholesterol and preventing hypertension
50% of fatty acid of TIENS Natto Extract Capsules is linolic acid, 2g of which is competent to restrain and lower the cholesterol in blood plasma. TIENS Natto Extract Capsules also has good efficacy of preventing arteriosclerosis and heart diseases.
5. Natural intestinal tonic which can cure constipation rapidly
There are one billion of natto bacteria in 1g of natto, so if we ingest 100g of natto, there will be 100 billion of natto bacteria in the intestines. Natto bacteria can restrain the spoilage bacteria in the intestines and helps lactobacillus to reproduce, balance the bacterium in the intestines, and prevent enteritis and constipation.
6. Great antibacterial function
Natto bacteria has great antibacterial function which can match that of antibiotic. Long time ago, Japanese people had already had experiential knowledge about the efficacy of natto, but it is recent years that the efficacy of natto has been proved. Natto bacteria has great antibacterial function which is effective against digestive system disease. Test indicates that staphylococcus, dysentery bacillus, typhia bacillus and coliform can be restrained to different degree in the condition of natto bacteria.
7. Preventing “rich man’s disease” (cardiopathy, hypertension, diabetes, etc)
In 1999, SOD (superoxide dismutase) was found in natto which is called as active oxygen digestive enzyme in medical field and has the function of preventing “rich man's disease”.
So far, various enzymes found in natto all have the function of preventing such “rich man's disease” as thrombus, hypertension, etc. With the discovery of superoxide dismutase, natto will make more contribution to the health of human being.
8. Hairdressing
Natto contains the colistin which can prevent cells from aging. When the content of colistin decreases, the water-retaining capacity of somatocyte will be weakened. As a result, it is easy for skin to get wrinkles. In addition, vegetable protein in natto contains vitamin E, which is indispensable for the beatification of skin, and abundant vitamin B, minerals and fibers, which can make the blood flow smoothly in vessel and promote the secretion of estrogen hormone.
Processing technique
TIENS Natto Extract Capsules is produced by adopting advanced enteric-soluble -capsule-coating technology so as to ensure the Nattokinase could be taken orally and absorbed in the form of complete protein molecule in the intestinal tract and exert function of dissolving thrombus.
Lots of data and experiments have proved that the loss of Nattokinase fibrinolysis activity can reach 75% in simulated stomach condition and even if the PH value comes back to neutral condition, the Nattokinase fibrinolysis activity cannot recover, which indicates that pepsin can damage the activity of Nattokinase nonreversibly. So the natto must be put into enteric-soluble-capsule to avoid the first-pass effect of pepsin. At present, natto products on the market mainly adopt gastric-soluble-capsule, which will damage the Nattokinase fibrinolysis activity heavily. TIENS Natto Extract Capsules is produced by adopting advanced enteric- soluble -capsule-coating technology so as to ensure the Nattokinase could enhance the function of dissolving thrombus after being taken orally and absorbed in the form of complete protein molecule in the intestinal tract.
The product is made by epiphyte fermentation and is safe for the nutrition-supplementing food.
Target customers
1. Patients with medical history of miocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, dementia, etc;
2. Patients with medical history of hypertension and hyperlipaemia;
3. People with the warning symptom of apoplexy such as dizziness, headache, numb limbs, poor memory and breathing difficulties;
4. Obese person and fatty food lover;
5. Those who are lack of physical exercises, those whose hand and feet are always cold and those who have poor blood circulation.
Specification and dosage:
Specification: 0.35g×70 granules/bottle, one for morning and one for evening.
Selling points:
1. It has marvelous thrombus-dissolving effect in test and the fibrinolysis activaty reaches up to 35000FU/g.
2. Raw materials with excellent quality. The raw materials of the product are supplied by American National Enzyme Company (NEC) which is a time-honored supplier of ferment products and has 70-year experience and credit in this industry. NEC was founded by Dr. Edward Howell who is regarded as “The Father of Ferment”. The company has obtained many international certificates such as FDA, cGMP, ISO, NNFA, AHPA, AHPA, ANA, TGA, etc. Thus, the product is reliable, safe and effective. 3. Enteric-soluble oral capsule with maximum fibrinolysis activity.
Product story
Natto legend——
(I) Natto is a kind of Japanese food which is made of cooked soybean. Japanese people wrap up the cooked soybean with straw and ferment them at the temperature of 40?. Its appearance is very queer and will yield long thread when stirred and smells odd. By 1980s, natto has merely been the Japanese traditional food with a history of thousand of years. It was not until the late 1980s that the series of mysterious efficacies were found by a Japanese scholar, which made natto become “Century Medicine” to conquer cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and become worldwide popular in a split second… Thrombus may prevent blood from normal flowing and even clog the blood vessel. Its consequent diseases such as miocardial infarction, angina, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. will endanger our lives. At that time, doctors usually use thrombus-dissolving medicine to dissolve thrombus and dredge the blood vessel so as to relieve emergent condition. But such thrombus-dissolving medicines as urokinase and streptokinase have short acting time with expensive price. Big dosage will lead to hemorrhage which is a setback symptom. Therefore, developing safer and more effective thrombus-dissolving medicine has been the target subject in the medical field for long. Dr. Sumiyoukou whose major subject is new thrombus-dissolving medicine is a professor from Miyasaki Medical University of Japan. One day in 1980, when Dr.Sumiyoukou was doing research in Medical School of Chicago University, it suddenly occurred to him that since the main component of thrombus is fibrin and natto is also made by fermenting protein; does natto has the function of dissolving thrombus? Great scientific discovery always comes from instant associations and this time is not an exception either. At 3 o’clock p.m., Dr.Sumiyoukou dropped leavening of natto and urokinase respectively on manmade thrombus flat board for contrast observation. Under normal condition, the result can be seen after 18 hours. But this time, to his surprise, Dr.Sumiyoukou found that leavening of natto dissolved the thrombus completely in just 2 hours. A new kind of thrombus-dissolving substance was found in such a simple way. Dr.Sumiyoukou named this kind of substance as Nattokinase proudly. Later Dr.Sumiyoukou surveyed more than 230 kinds of food and proved that the miraculous enzyme in natto is unique. The acting time of Nattokinase in human body can reach up to 12 hours which is 60 times that of urokinase that is just 4 to 20 minutes! The result shows that the thrombus-dissolving capability of 100g of natto equals to that of urokinase with the value of 200 thousand Japanese Yen (equals to 15 thousand RMB Yuan). The trial using of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has proved further that long-term taking of natto can regularly purify the blood, dissolve thrombus particulates and prevent blood blockage which may endanger life. The sequela of some paralytics was also relieved greatly. … In 1987, Dr.Sumiyoukou published his research paper on authoritative research journal, Science, which attracted great attention from the scientific community. The subsequent media reports pushed the popularity effect to the peak. An “upsurge of natto” which covered the whole Japan was aroused. The television station made program regularly to introduce and popularize the unique efficacy of natto on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 90% of the population became enthusiastic about taking natto everyday. Consequently, the consumption amount of natto in Japan climbed sharply to 220 thousand tons and 176 billion Japanese Yen. Miraculous Nattokinase has become the latest hope for conquering thrombus…
(II) The inducement of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is various and complicated. Hypertension, hyperlipaemia and high blood viscosity are the most important causes. So does natto has catabatic efficacy on these diseases? In 1998, Dr.Sumiyoukou did experiment for lowering blood pressure by taking bandicoot and human as objects. The result proves that natto extract contains Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor (ACE) which can obviously decrease the vascular resistance of whole body, prevent cardiac muscle and fatty vascular wall, and lower the content of angiotensin so as to lower the blood pressure. After five trial patients with hypertension orally took 30g of natto extract at a time everyday for four days, the blood pressure testing average indicated that systolic pressure decreased from 173.8?20.5mmHg to 154.8?12.6mmHg, diastolic pressure decreased from 101.0?11.4mmHg to 91.2?6.6mmHg, which proved the remarkable hypotensive effect. Dr.Sumiyoukou said, “I often hear that the blood pressure can be lowered after taking natto”. Actually, if the patients with hypertension take 50g of natto at a time and take 3 to 4 times per week, the blood pressure will turn normal gradually…
(III) In 2001, Chinese scientist Yuan Shuyun conducted experiment by classifying 70 Kun Ming mice into 7 groups and the test again showes the blood-fat-lowering function of natto extract. During the experiment, Prof. Yuan Shuyun fed the mice with large dosage of vegetable and animal oil, which made the blood fat level of mice increased by 158.13% and 199.67%, and then fed the mice with natto extract. After 28 days (4 weeks), the blood fat level recovered to the normal level. The rapid efficacy of natto surprised all the jioners in the experiment.
Scientific research indicates that natto contains large amount of effective content such as Nattokinase, natto bacteria, lecithin, linolic acid, saponin, isoflavone, superoxide dismutase, various vitamins, trypsinase, etc. which can purify blood directly, dredge the blood vessel, dissolve thrombus effectively, eliminate impurities on vessel wall, relieve arteriosclerosis, adjust blood pressure and blood fat, restrain cholesterin, prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
It is worth emphasizing that though soybean contains some same components as natto, it is difficult for human body to absorb soybean because of its solid fiber. Even if soybean is cooked, the human body can only absorb 30% of it. By contrast, owning to the activation of natto bacteria, human body can absorb more than 90% of natto.
So natto is regarded as “The Cheese in Garden”…
(IV) Biotechnology and mechanism of molecular action have been the research focus of scholar from various countries. In 1996, the D.P.R.K finished clinical observation of 300 thousand cases, which put the theoretical research and clinical application of natto to the peak. National Academy of Medical Science of DPRK conducted clinical observation of 300 thousand cases in 12 central hospitals such as subsidiary hospital of Pyongyang Medical University. The trial group covered the patients with thrombus, paralysis, acroanesthesia, acute miocardial infarction, lalopathy, headache, dizziness, infirmity, hypertension, fatty liver, fatty cardiac muscle, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipaemia, angina, coronary heart disease, etc. which almost included the whole range of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The final clinical summary indicated that the general effective percentage of natto extract was 89.29%, most of the patients’ condition were improved greatly. During the process of treatment, the percentage of non-change was just 0.09%. The clinical observation which collected 300 thousand cases is the most complete and most comprehensive report so far. The report proves the miraculous efficacy of natto with detailed data once again. …
(IV) By 2006, research papers and experimental reports published by scientists and scholars from various countries have reached up to 50 thousand.
Dr. Martin and Dr. Konhei, American experts of cardiovascular and pulmonary vascular diseases said that “in their lifetime research, natto and Nattokinase are the safest and the most effective thrombolytic which are newly developed to prevent and cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as well as relevant diseases”.
International Thromobolytic Association (ITA) believes that long-term taking of natto is one of the major reasons of Japanese longevity. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirms the preventing and recovery effect of natto on heart disease.
On Apr. 10th, 2003, Xinhua News Agency reported the latest findings of natto research with the theme of “Nattokinase Dissolves Thrombus”. Many authoritative medias, such as People’s Daily (oversea version), Global Times, introduced the specific efficacy of natto with the theme of “Miraculous Natto” to Chinese citizen so as to benefit Chinese patients who are suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Thrombolytic demonstrative experiment
Step One
Put some fresh cock blood bought on the market into culture dish and the thrombin in the blood will make fresh cock blood into gore.
Step Two
Then take 2 portions of gore of 1 gram respectively and put them into two beakers
Step Three
Put about 15ml distilled water into the beakers respectively
Step Four
After being stirred, the gore does not dissolve in water, but the hemachrome begins to dissolve out slowly.
Step Five
Put one granule of natto capsule powder into the beaker on the right. Put nothing into the left one for it is used as contrast.
Step Six
Shake two beakers slightly for about 2 minutes
Step Seven
After about 2 minutes, the gore on the right is dissolved gradually.
Step Nine:
Five minutes later, the difference of the dissolving effect in these two beakers can be seen, which proves the marvelous efficacy of Nattokinase


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