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Also known as blue algae, derived from seaweeds. Nutritional Contents of
Nutritional Contents of Spirulina:
It is the best product consisting of protein free of cholesterol which is very easily digestible. It is rich in essential vitamins. Abundant potassium, sodium, calcium and other alkaline elements.
Best alkaline food:
Contains Linolenie acid which is seldem found in other natural foods, high effective in enhancing physiological function. Chlorophyll contents is 10 times higher than vegetables. Regulates body metabolism, purifies blood, enhance the body capabilities in protecting against oxygen deficiency radiation and other. Contains more than 10 types of minor elements which are essential for the body such as Iron, Magnesium, Sulphur, calcium and other. Contains special and natural coloring substance sic as phycocganon. Helps to purify blood, replenishes blood supply, overcome anemia and constipation, promotes healing of wound, regulates body metabolism, detoxification and restores kidney functions. Contains Glycogen, capable of generating energy for the body rapidly with out causing any additional burden to pancreas and result in low blood glucose level.Highly effective in fighting against radiation and provides strength to the body’s immunity.
Major Function:
Promotes body metabolism helps growth of body strengthen the immune system. Prevents digestive disorders such as gastric upsets, pour digestion, high blood pressure, diabetics liver, ailment, anemia, obesity and malnutrition in children.
Formulated with natural pure and quality Spirulina. Contains 18 essential amino acids required by our body and various vitamins, beta carotene, Alpha linolemic acid as well as minor elements. Acknowledged as the best health food for 21st century. Regulates normal body functions, promotes body anetabolism and strengthens our body immunity. Improves generalized health relieves fatigue, strengthens splen, removes phlegun and regulates the blood cholesterol level. Effective in improving the body resistance against radiation. Rich in nutrients and can be consumed easily.
Product Description:
100 Capsules:
Each capsule contains:
Spirulina platensis 300 mg (used as food supplement)
2-3 capsules,
2-3 times daily.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep in cool dry places.


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