Zinc Plus

Zinc Plus

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What is Zinc:
For promotion of healthy growth especially in children, eye sight betterment and improvement of hearing ability. Zinc help in the synthesis of more than 80 enzymes in our body. It made the foundation of growth in our body. It made the foundation of the growth of our body. It made the foundation of the growth of our body. It maintains genetic immunity, endocrine system, nerves and nervous system. Deficiency of zinc causes imbalance in our body like malnutrition, loss of memory, movement disorders, senile dementia, make infertility, quality and quantity of sperms and also affects the development of reproductive glands. Helps in growth and development of cells. Those children who have deficiency of zinc faces many development problems like poor growth and dwarfism. Not only related to maintain the development of body systems, but also to our intelligence level as well as strengthens our immune system and helps in development of eye sight.
Each sachet contains 13.3% zinc plus powder, 3.3% ologosocharide,3.4%ereauner, 6.7% vanilla powder, 23.3% glucose.
2 times daily.
3-10 years old: 1 sachet each time.
Above 10 years: 2 sachet each time.
Take with warm water or food stuff
3g into 20 sachets.


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