Antilip Tea

Antilip Tea

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Antilip Tea
This is a China food supplement which followed the principle of maintaining good health by using natural resources. Green tea, contains antioxidant properties, which has been used for centuries to prevent and good supplements for enhancing the longevity of your life. If they are not prevented and treated positively and effectively, they can cause various diseases such as

1. Coronary heart diseases
2. Blood clot
3. Hardening of blood vessels which is called arteriosclerosis.
4. Diabetic sugar control

Main Ingredients:
Antilipemic Tea is made from plants extract like Green Tea,
Gynostemma pentaphyllum,(anti-inflammation, anti cough and phlegm anti-aging, maintaining metabolism and strengthening our immune system reduce the cholesterol level in our blood
Cassia obtusifolia, (pharmacology characteristic shown that it is rich in calcium, vitamin A, and others essential micro elements like copper, zinc, heart failure, stroke, coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction
Polygonum multiflorum


1. It has medical functions like
2. detoxification,
3. pain releaser
4. erase bowel movement.
5. Prevent hypercholesterolemia,
6. Reduces blood density.
7. Reduces the heart beat rate and increases the blood flow volume of artery


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