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Introduction of Mr. Li Jin Yuan (President of TIENS Group)

Introduction of Mr. Li JinYuan (President of TIENS Group)

  1. President Li Jinyuan was conferred the title of “2004 World Public Figure” by World Hall of Fame Network.
  2. President Li Jinyuan was conferred the title of “2004 The Most Creative Chinese Business Leader” in the appraisal event held by Asia -Pacific Culture & Fortune Forum, Asia-Pacific Culture & Fortune Journal, and Asia-Pacific Chinese Business Leaders Association.
  3. On the 2004 Mainland China Philanthropist List jointly published by European Currency-China and Corporate Citizen Committee of Chinese Social Work Association, President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group ranked No. 3 for his donations totaling 66 million Yuan.
  4. Be conferred the title of Honorary Doctor of UN Ecology and Bioscience Institute.
  5. Appointed as UN Planning Center’s Expert on the expert commission.
  6. Be issued the award for outstanding contributions to Russian people’s health by the Ministry of Health, Russia.
  7. Be issued the award for excellent entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific Regions by UN Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee.
  8. Be issued the award for outstanding direct selling leader of the world by International Direct Selling Association.
  9. The International Academy of Human Researches in Aeronautics and Astronautics granted the title "honor academician".
  10. In 2005, The State Council of the People's Republic of China granted Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, the title of “State Advanced Individual in National Unity”, and in the awarding ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People, President Li Jinyuan was met by General Secretariat Hu Jingtao and other members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC and leaders of central government.
  11. Be conferred the title of Patriotic Entrepreneur for his outstanding contribution to Chinese economic construction and social development by World Chinese Businessmen Promotion Conference and International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of Ministry of Commerce.
  12. Be conferred the title of China Philanthropist by China Charity Federation, the News Agency of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the Charity Institute of China Civil Charity Commission (Beijing).
  13. Elected as one of Top Ten Men of the Year for 2004 in China.
  14. China Education Union conducted an appraisal for the Prize of Outstanding Contribution for China’s Private Education to Mr. Li Jinyuan.
  15. Selected in “2004 World Most Influential Chinese Business Leaders”.
  16. President Li Jinyuan was entitled “First Top 10 Excellent Private Entrepreneurs of China” by Enterprise Association of China and Entrepreneurs Association of China.
  17. Be conferred the title of "“Top Ten Talents in the Chinese Economy” on the China Economy High-level Forum.
  18. Be conferred the title of "2003 Top Ten Chinese Talents”.
  19. Engaged as "Economic Development Advisor of Western Regions" by the Expert Service Center of Ministry of Personnel
  20. State Council Award for Exemplary Individual and Corporate Leader in the Promotion of National Solidarity and Advancement (Interviewed by President Jiang Zemin and other national leaders.)
  21. Member of Tianjin Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference (member of standing committee of Wuqing District).
  22. Member of China Industrial and Commercial Federation.
  23. Serving as Executive Director of China Association of Entrepreneurs.
  24. Serving as Chairman of Tiens Meijing International Charity Development Foundation.
  25. Honor researcher and senior advisor of Microorganism Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  26. Special director of China Biological Engineering Academy.
  27. Vice Chairman of Tianjin Foreign Economic Cooperation Association.

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