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TIENS Comapny Honors

  1. Tianjin Tiens Biological Development Co., Ltd was granted "High-tech Enterprises Authentication Certificate".
  2. Tiens Group was conferred the title “National Advanced Unit for Information Work ".
  3. World Brand Laboratory, a famous world brand evaluation institution led by Nobel economic prize winner Mundell, and World Economic Forum reputed as Economic UN under the sole assistance of World Managers, jointly issued the list China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands for the year 2004. With the brand value of RMB 7,412 million, Tiens Group won the title of China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands.
  4. Tiens Group entered China 2004 Top 10 Fair-play Enterprises.
  5. Tiens Group was issued the certificate of “State Product Quality Post-sale Service and Credit Double-Guarantee Enterprise”.
  6. Tiens Group ranked the 3rd of "2004 Tianjin Top 100 Private Enterprises".
  7. Tiens Group entered China Top 100 Enterprises with Greatest Vitality and ranked the 20th on the list on November 27. Sponsored by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with domestic media, the event aims to explore and promote Chinese excellent enterprises with greatest vitality, risk-withstanding and ever-growing systems. The list was made through several rounds of evaluation and strict appraisal.
  8. On the third “Chinese Private Business Development Forum” cosponsored by China Enterprise Confederation, China Enterprise Directors Association, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, and the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality, Tiens Group won the title of Chinese Excellent Private Enterprise.
  9. The Tiens series healthcare products manufactured by Tiens Group were conferred “Quality & Service Double Excellent Brand”.
  10. Tiens Biological Development Company was conferred as "Top Ten Export-oriented Enterprises of National Health Care Industry" and "Top Ten Private Businesses of National Health Care Instrument".
  11. Tiens Group was entitled “2001-2002 Annual Culturally-Advanced Unit of Tianjin” by the People’s Government of Tianjin due to its outstanding achievements in the movement of creating a culturally-advanced unit.
  12. Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder was conferred the title of “Brand Product of Tianjin” by the People’s Government of Tianjin.
  13. Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. was selected in “2003 Ten Best Collectively-owned and Private Export Enterprises”
  14. Tiens Bio-Development Co., Ltd. was conferred “2000-2002 Top 100 Enterprises of Chinese Healthcare Food Industry”.
  15. Tiens Group was determined as one of "Official UN Suppliers", able to provide green health care products to refugees of the world.
  16. Tiens Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. got listed in “Chinese Food Industry (Food Manufacture Industry) Top 100 Enterprises”.
  17. Tiens Group was conferred “Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Ethnic Unity and Progress” by State Ethnic Affairs Commission of P. R. China.
  18. Tiens Group was ranked in the “Top 10 Enterprises on China International Healthcare Festival”.
  19. Tiens Group was honorably ranked in the “2000 Top 50 Chinese Healthcare Food Enterprises”.
  20. Tiens Group won the title of “Exemplary Unit of Excellent Quality”.