TIENS Created Guinness World Record

On May 8, 2015, TIENS Group created the Guinness World Record for the largest human sentence on the azure coast of Nice, France, which pushed the large-scale international cultural communication activity of “TIENS’ Dream Blooming in Nice – TIENS Group 20th Anniversary Carnival in Nice, France” to a new climax, with a grand marine, land and air show successfully held for celebration. Mr. Rudy Salles (Vice Mayor of Nice, France), more than 30 reporters of over 20 well-known French and European media as well as 6,500 TIENS members from over 50 countries and regions of the world witnessed this historic moment symbolizing the friendship between China and France. On that afternoon, the Azure Coast of Nice, France was filled with streams of people in a good order. More than 6,500 TIENS business partners from the world spelled the sentence of “TIENS’ DREAM IS NICE IN THE COTE D’AZUR” (TIENS Dream Is Nice) with huge letters formed by human bodies, adding a bright view to the Nice in May. According to the authoritative on-site certification by the officer of Guinness World Records, the effective number of people in a specified time and specified place was 6,262, the TIENS members creating the world record of the largest human sentence. The activity of creating the Guinness World Record witnessed the historic moment of the Sino-France cultural communication, and it will attract the eyes of the world. The miraculous number of participants of over 6,500 will bring the health culture of TIENS and the cultural charm of Nice back to the world. It is believed that more people from China and the world will focus their eyes on Nice and come to the azure coast personally to experience the romance of the Nice people. With a large scale, the activity of TIENS Group creating the world record overseas involved a large number of countries as well as different ethnic groups, languages and cultures, with great difficulty. The municipal government and tourism bureau of Nice, France showed great emphasis on and support for the cultural communication activity by preparing the best place, providing sound facilities for TIENS, coordinating many facilitation supports, organizing great police strength for high-quality safeguarding and having the airport and air control of half an hour. Under the full cooperation and elaborate organization of TIENS Group and the municipal government of Nice, France, the activity was a great success, creating classical lines and unforgettable historical picture for the friendship between the Chinese and the French people. The activity happened to be held on the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascism War and the Day of Cease of World War II. Under the full support of the French government, especially the municipal government of Nice, a grand marine, land and air show for memory was creatively organized for TIENS on the day of that day. Chairman Li Jinyuan, President Bai Ping and VIPs of TIENS reviewed the activity by a motorcade consisting of the 70 antique military vehicles of the period of World War II and boarded the deluxe phalanx of yachts to sail along the coast of Nice. The covey led by P-51 sky-raiders arranged by the municipal government of Nice whistled by in the air to boost the serial activities of Sino-France cultural communication. When the planes drew out the picture of a heart symbolizing the friendship between China and France in the blue sky above Nice, the shocking scene made the people more deeply feel the theme of “Peace and Development” for the era.


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